April 29th, 2005

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  • jan_aq

Make A Sims2-Snape challenge!

During the next few weeks if you have The Sims2 and know how to take pictures, Make a Sim Snape! Everyone is welcome to join in. :) All you have to do is create a Snape, any age, take pictures and use a remote image server to post them to the group.


  1. You may only post your own work, do not post pictures or links to a Snape someone else made.
  2. You may not use any downloaded character as your model.
  3. You may not edit any downloaded character to be your model.
  4. You may use custom content (hair, skintone, eyes) but you must mention what they are in your post. Credit if you can.
  5. No image can be larger than 400 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall (think 4 LJ icons by 4 LJ icons).
  6. Only one image can be in front of a lj-cut. Make sure that the one image is small enough that it won't mess up the majority of people's Friends lists.

Please remember to keep to the ratings and rules of this group.

At the end there will be honorable mentions to:

    The most book canon Snape (looks)
    The nastiest Snape
    The most in character Snape (personality)
    The best outfitted Snape
    The most humorous image
    ... and anything else that comes up!

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