April 24th, 2005

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The Jelly Bean Hunt is still on!

The Jelly Bean Hunt is still on but there are only a few days left! Post a message to the group with a link to a story that was first published after February 7 to join in. Everyone who participates will get a personalized jelly bean flavour icon just for them! XD

It's not that hard. If you need help, i'll give you a hint of one way to find them:

    Go to the Harry Potter Category on fanfiction.net. At the top change the settings to show stories based by publish date and with the main characters Severus S. and Harry P. To screen some of the itty bitty stories change the Length to ">5000"


    Then go back as many pages as you want until you reach 2-7-05. (In this particular example, you can't go past page 5.)

    Weed through the stories, finding the Gen ones that fit this category (hint: skip any and all stories with the Romance genre) and post the info to the group!

Currently, starangel is in the lead to that gummy Jelly bean Crown with 6 jelly beans! She can still be uprooted!

Remember, they can be one-shots or WIPs, but they all have to seem decent. You can't report your own fics.

In the message to the group, give your "Jelly Bean" a flavour in the Subject and post the information and link(s).

Subject: (Flavour) Jelly Bean

Chapters (or # of Words):

Giving a rating (out of 5) is optional.
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hello everyone!

Im a new member of the community. i love severitus fics and any type of harry-snape mentor, father figure etc.

Im in the process of writing a 'snape-is Harry's father' fic although I haven't specified it as Severitus because Im not sure it fills all the criteria neede. You can find it here:

The Warmth of Love


Grass Jellybean

Okay, Im a little confused about the requirements of this hunt, so I apologise if Im dojng this wrong, but i think this story counts...

Title: For the Love of a child
Summary:Lily and the maurauders must go into hiding but they can't take their newborn with them. With the help of Dumbledore Harry is left in the care of Severus Snape
Location: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2294035/1/