April 9th, 2005

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Title: Life is a Matter of Living
Author: Nenya Entwhistle
Rating: K+ (PG)
Summary: (oneshot) Before "And So Life Goes On", Harry fell into a deep depression because the one person who understood him and who loved him unconditionally was taken from him. Without Remus, Harry no longer has a reason to live until Severus offers one.

Chapters (or # of Words): one-shot (3546)
Location: FFN http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2246631/1/

This is a prequel to a slash story.

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Title: Harry Potter and the Unborn Chance

Author: EverlastingTears

Rating: Teen

Summary: Harry's whole world flipped based on one thing that someone did. But, was it really only ONE action? Who can he trust now, and who will stand by him? (Mpreg)

Chapters (or # of Words): 5 chaps (14183)

Angie's Note: As it is only five chapters so far I'm not sure where it's going...but so far I like it. *shurgs*

Location: ffn http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2314751/1/
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Potions and Snitches chat invitation

Potions and Snitches will start hosting monthly chats where fans of
Snape and Harry gen fics can get together and chat about... anything.
Your stories, favourite stories, new stories, fandom wank, what
colour Dumbledore's socks are this week, the best way to make
cookies... whatever you wish.

They will always be on the last weekend of the month, unless
otherwise stated in advance.

The first chat will be this month, April 29, 30 and Sunday, May 1. :D

Here are the scheduled chat times: (you can visit the chat whenever
you want but the scheduled times will be more likely to have people)

EST is New York time and -5 from London time

Friday: 8pm EST - 11 pm EST
Saturday: 3pm EST - 8pm EST, 11 pm EST - 2 am EST
Sunday: 10 am EST - 12 pm EST, 6pm EST - 10 pm EST

Please mark your calenders and spread the word. If we get 30 people
in every chat then we'd have a great time! Anyone up for a game of
Harry Potter trivia?

Here are some world clocks to help you figure out your timezone and
when the chats are:

I will set up a chat room before the first chat begins. Here are some chat programs I have been testing and where the final chat url will be:

Chocolate frogs and hope to see you there,

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Title: Spinning out of control

Author: Purple Raveness

Rating: Teen

Summary: Harry is having problems at home and no one seems to notice or care that there are serious things wrong with him, he is becoming withdrawn and angry at school, but one person will notice and try to help him. May be slash in later chapters, and rating may

Chapters (or # of Words): 2 (2096)

Location: ffn http://www.fanfiction.net/u/737199/

Angie's note: well written. (can't say more its only two chapter's not much has happened)