April 8th, 2005

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Blueberry Jelly Bean

Title: Me, Myself, and I
Author: EmySabath
Rating: Teen
Summary: Harry has had a hard life, harder than anyone knows, even himself. What happens when Snape finds out that Harry's mind couldn't take the strain and fractured, leaving the BWL with MPD?

Chapters (or # of Words): 10 chapters
Location: FFN P&S

Haha I can't believe no one got to Jelly Bean this story before me!

watermelon jelly bean

Title: broken shards of peace
Author: SensiblyTainted
Rating: Mature
Summary: Vernon sells Harry to the American black-market. But Harry escapes and with a brother in toe. They live on the run for many years until Severus brings them back to the Wizarding world. Full summery inside, please take a look.

Angie's notes: That summary doesn't sound very good to read but I promise it is pretty good. I found the first few chapters harder to read but after the third it turns into a good story ;) It is a Severitus.

Chapters (or # of Words): 13 (105128)

Location: ffn
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2315641/1/