April 7th, 2005

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Jelly Bean Hunt!

I know that there's almost a month left of The Basilisk Challenge but there haven't been any entries yet so I'm extending the deadline to forever. :) If you get a fic in before April 30 then you are awesome and amazing and more power to you!

So we're going to try something different this time.

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It's time for a Jelly Bean Hunt!

We are going to be searching for new stories in the pretense of searching for jelly beans. Find a new story that has been started within the last 2 months that you think is good or looks promising; They can be one-shots or WIPs. Then in a message to the group, give your "Jelly Bean" a flavour in the Subject and post the information and link(s). You can't report your own fics. Don't forget to include all the information.

Subject: (Flavour) Jelly Bean


Chapters (or # of Words):

Giving a rating (out of 5) is optional.

The hunt will last three weeks. Whoever posts the most Jelly Beans within that time frame will be this Hunt's Jelly Bean Queen or King!

Whoever participates will get a jelly bean to eat.

Remember: New Jelly Beans only please, anything older than two months will be spit out!
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