January 10th, 2005

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WHAM! The Snowball Challenge

The Snowball Challenge!

"Harry aimed and let the snowball go flying at Ron's woolen clad head. Ron ducked in time but unfortunately, the small ball continued on its path... right at Professor Snape..."

Wham! Splat! It's Challenge time! Hogwarts during this time of the year is having its frosty winter season and that means snow! The Challenge this time is about snow, or snowballs to be precise. :)

Your Challenge is to write a short story or one-shot where Harry throws a snowball at Professor Snape's head! It can be intentional or an accident, taking place inside or out. Or you may optionally draw a scene or picture where this is taking place. :D

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Anyone may enter. You are allowed to write as many different scenerios as simple and straightforward or creative as you want. The story can take place during any year or book.

Haha, just image Snape's expression when the ball of snow goes splat. XD

Post all stories to the potionssnitches community in this format please:

Answer to: Snowball Challenge
Summary: (optional)

( LJ-Cut to entry )

Deadline is February 15. You may post all entries to any archives of your choice: if you would like me to personally upload to Potions and Snitches archive or to the Potions and Snitches account on Fanfiction.net just let me know. :)

Questions? Comments? Just leave a reply and you'll get to eat a nice crunchy chocolate frog too! XD

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