January 7th, 2005


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Hello, Firestar here. I updated my story CFU on New Years Day and forgot the mention it. Here it is:

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Previous chapters can be found at FF.net, under the username firestar038:



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A New P&S Archive!

Hello everyone! Happy news!

With the help of animealam, Potions and Snitches will have a fanfiction archive! Yaaay!

It's going to be great! :D Imagine all the fics in one place, being able to browse an author's favourites and only getting Snape and Harry stories, rating stories and seeing those little sweet rating stars next to a story's information in the archive as you browse a specific category... I can't wait! *_* It's going to be great!

Right now it is still in its developing stages so we still have a lot of work to do but when it's done I don't think that you will be disapointed! Right now we are looking for authors' works to be uploaded to the archive. The stories are key to the success of this archive! :) I think that you can register by yourself for now but if you want a story uploaded (or maybe accepted?) you have to contact either myself or animealam for permission. If your story is featured on my website list with 4 frogs and above or recommended on Severitus' Yahoo Group then I think that you will be safe to upload if you'd like. :)

Oh, it's going to be great!! :D

As well as this archive, we also have a forum now! I think that it will be wonderful to chat about the latest chapter or story uploaded or the Harry Potter books and characters as well as share resources, opinions and ideas! :)

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Here is the Potions and Snitches Archive which is still being worked on: (Please join! It's just a baby. *_*)

Here is the forum:

And here are some examples of sample layouts for you to look at. The stories and news on the pages is mostly made up, the links won't work and they are just to test some things out so they aren't finished but they sure look good!

Harry (Ops! I was supposed to link to this one!)
Dumbledore (for laughs)

I also plan to have a strife filled angry Harry and Snape layout, a sweet Snape and little child Harry layout, an angst layout, simple back and white, a parchment one, a gaudy Potions and Snitches purple-blue and green one and several others.

If you are good at graphics, html, css, flash, ect and would like to help out we are looking for people to make banners, layouts, a skin for the forum and lots of other things. We also need moderators.

Email me or reply here if you have any questions or wish to join in and help out or just have suggestions!

Happy dancing Chocolate frogs,


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