December 16th, 2004




Once more i've updated Realizations

New chapter:

Beginning of story:

Also, i have the first two chapters of the story where Harry is paralyzed done. i may or may not post it in the near future. Christmas Hols are coming up so i will be able to write more. i will probably post it then, and to several different websites, included.
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Broken part 8

Title: Broken (part eight)
by Molly Morrison

Sorry, it's still not a new stuff post! Soon it might be. :)

Broken!Harry and Helping!Snape but not in this chapter. Rated PG13. No slash. Read the parts before this chapter or you will be lost!

In case you need the links:
Part One ~*~ Part Two
Part Three ~*~ Part Four
Part Five ~*~ Part Six
Part Seven


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Leave comments for Molly! :)
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Hey everyone. :)

We will soon be having Challenges on this group but the first one won't start until the middle of January. That should be enough time for all the holiday craze to be over.

They will not be mandatory and there will be plenty of time for anyone to participate! I'm thinking that a month and a half should be enough time to have one challenge before even thinking about another one. Don't worry, there will always be enough prompting to get anyone started if they wish to participate.

Please don't anyone post challenges without asking me first. I'd rather not have a whole lot of different challenges going on at any one time.

So just keep this in mind. Can't wait for all the lovely fiction!

Chocolate frogs,

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