December 7th, 2004



BlackRaven13 here again. Once more i've updated Realizations. i forgot to tell you all about chapter 19, and i just posted chapter 20.

New chapter:

Beginning of story:

Also, i've begun work on a Severus-mentors-Harry fic. a brief summary is below.

Harry is involved in a car accident and is paralized from the waist down. Unable to access an owl, he ends up spending a month in a muggle hospital. once he finally contacts the wizarding world, it is to late to heal the damage to his spine that caused the paralisis. Dumbledore beleives Harry needs someone who will not coddle him, but make sure he learns what he needs to know. You guessed it, Harry is sent to stay with Snape and eventually they learn to get along.

Anyone interested? does it sound cliched? i've written up to the first day Harry spends with Snape, and i would like to write a bit more before i post anything. does anyone have ideas for a title? is anyone interested at all? Thanks for any and all comments. i will be sure to inform you all of when i decide to post this story.
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