November 20th, 2004

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Plot Bunny

This one is really old (but that doesn't mean he wouldn't make a great pet =). The date on the file that I found was 6/16/2001, but that may just be when I backed up my hard drive. The worst part about this bunny is that I don't always write things in order - and this small part that I found isn't the beginning, but I'll try to explain. So, the Dursley's left Harry alone at their house and went somewhere (for a long time like the whole summer.) They locked Harry in his room so that he wouldn't get into trouble or any of their stuff, etc. and in the part I wrote, Harry was trying to get out of his room. I'm not sure how that food worked because he had sandwiches?? But anyway, Harry was going to be stuck in his room alone and nobody would know that he was alone and stuck in his room. Eventually someone (he he Snape of course) would get curious as to why he wasn't responding to letters or something and then come and find him. But likely he wouldn't be in great shape because who knows how long that would take.

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I found something else amusing when I was looking through my old files. In an author's note to a short fic that I never posted, I wrote, "I just have to hope that Rowling doesn’t do anything to Sirius, because I just couldn’t write a series without him not that I would have to follow the canon." Ah poor Sirius and my Sirus filled aspirations. Thank goodness for Snape and Harry stories!
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