November 19th, 2004

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Broken part three

This is great and unique Snape and Harry wip fic written by Molly Morrison! She has graciously allowed me to post it here in segments to the group. :) Yay us!

Title: Broken (part three)
by Molly Morrison

This is a post Hogwarts, long dead Voldemort fic. Elements of torture, AU-ness, evil Snape. This is an edited version, with the beginning of the story with the torture scenes cut out. Rated PG13. No slash. Read part one and the summary before this chapter or you will be lost! This story is of the Helping!Snape and Broken!Harry variety. Enjoy! Leave comments for Molly! :)

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Only one or two people have been reviewing and poor Molly! All her comments have been from herself or me! That's not right! Please be kind and leave a note! Thank you!
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