jan_aq (jan_aq) wrote in potionssnitches,

Summer Fic Fest Winners and Vote!

The nominations for the 2015 Summer Fest stories have been tallied and the results are in.

Congratulations to our top two nominated stories, Love Thy Neighbour by Alexannah  and  Surgery by Henna Hypsch! You both have been given featured status! Well done!

If you have an account on Potions and Snitches.org, please vote in the poll for which 2015 Summer Fest story you would like to become featured! Here are the following nominated choices:

A Happy Ending by darkorangecat

Guard Duty by thegoldenfirebolt

Summer of Bonding by Magica Draconia

The Fawn in Cokeworth by MsHuntergrl

What's Left Behind by JAWorley

Wishing on a Sticker by darkorangecat

Good luck to all and happy reading!

Tags: fic fest, summer fic fest
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