jan_aq (jan_aq) wrote in potionssnitches,

Great news! We raised enough money to upgrade the site to resource level 3. It should run faster now! I found a different way to upgrade and also discovered a discount code, so it was less than originally estimated. :) Hooray!

The site is paid and will now be up until January 2018!

Our costs for three years:
$191 for domain and server
$99.80 for resource upgrade to level 3
= $290.80

There is a 7.9% fee per donor on GoFundMe. We've had 28 donations so far.

Additional money will now be saved for the site being up past January 2018, and for prizes for future contests. :)

If you would like to donate more, here is the link! http://www.gofundme.com/psfg68

Thank you so much everyone!

Long live Potions and Snitches! Chocolate frogs for everyone!


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