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Tortured by Death eaters, rescued by Snape and Healer Ron

Im again in search of another Harry/Snape(Healer maybe) Gen fanfic and really need your help. I had read this story ages ago but will try to point some general points.
I think in this story harry was captured and tortured by death eaters and Severus rescued him. He got some fatal disease (cancer... maybe?). Severus got quite affectionate for him. Im not sure what happens then but Sirius, remus, fred, george, Nevile and ron were superly protective of him. And there was a scene when the golden trio was leaving railway platform for home(Harry was adopted by Severus or Sirius by then) Vernon arrived their and started to shout and manhandle Harry despite the fact that Harry was not going to Privet Drive. And then when weasley siblings + Hermione and Harry were sleeping on the floor in same room Vernon somehow abducted Harry without alerting anybody. Ron somehow noticed and when they found Harry he was really in bad condition(Vernon had tied his hands with iron thorned wires). Harry again got recaptured and tortured by Death-eaters and got pretty bad scarring(not sure but maybe got blind due to some potion). In the end Voldemort attacked Hogawarts and cast the killing curse to Harry after some crucios and hurtful taunting. The curse rebounded and killed Voldemort. Everybody thought that Harry had died but he was in fact kept alive secretly and after some day with the help of Healers his cancer was destroyed.
There were also many sequels an in a sequal:
Harry did something silly and he was expecting punishment from Sirius as it shows that parents love their children. But Sirius being Sirius didnt gave him as it will make him a less cool parent-figure. In some scene Severus shouted on Harry and never apologize, Ron and Hermione started dating so Harry felt that he was unloved. Also Harry was being treated by a healer who turned out to be Malfoys follower (Malfoy was turning into another Dark Lord). So naturally the potions turn out to be slow poison. Harry somehow again captured by Malfoys Goons and together with Draco maybe ran from Malfoy Manor. Short story, Harry got in coma and the Mungo's Healer told that Harry didnt wanted to live so he will not survive. Oh! and in the end Ron becomes Harry's Healer.
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