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Looking forHarryPotter has pet puffskien

Looking for HarryPotter has pet puffskien... I remember two fics but I can't recall what their names are, or who the authors were, or where I read them.... I recall one fic where Minerva gifted Harry the Puffskien becuase it helps with the upper respiratory and allergies, also they make fierce protectors. The other story made puffskiens rather formidable as well as scavenger like, or possibly this was all in the same fic? Also the puffskien either ate pettigrew or killed a large dangerous creature.
I believe in each of the two stories Harry called his puffskien Lemon Meringue or Treacle or something like that and it alwas clung to his hair on the top of his head .... I think Severus became his adopted father or just mentor... would very much love any assistance in finding these two fics.
thank you
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