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Looking for a story...

I'm looking for a Snape/Harry story, I think it's a mentor or adoption fic and I'm pretty sure I read it on Potions and Snitches so I hope someone here will recognize this:

Snape takes Harry in (probably due to Dursley abuse, might be an immediate Voldy problem) but still doesn't really like him. Then Harry is left alone with what I think was a box of pictures of Lily or something like that. Harry wasn't supposed to look at them and wants to be good. He remembers the pensieve incident so to avoid temptation he hides the box in a kitchen cupboard to make it easier on himself not to look.

When Snape returns he demands to know where the box is and Harry in his panic at first doesn't remember which cupboard he has put it into so he can't immediately give it back. Snape accuses him of destroying the pictures to spite him and things escalate from there.

He starts to punish him by grabbing him and bending him over a table to trash him, I think with a belt. Harry is resigned to the punishment but Snape comes to his senses before going through with it.

Afterwards Harry imediately forgives him since he didn't go through with it but Snape is appalled how close he came to being like his father.

I remember either Snape thinking or more likely talking with Harry about it afterwards an he says something along the lines of "You were hopping from foot to foot like a fawn so I just couldn't do it."

I know it's not "Eight" and not "Slave Child" although those have similar scenes.
I know I have it saved somewhere and I really want to reread it so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ciel
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