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Weekend Update for July 31, 2010

Weekend Update for July 31, 2010
Compiled by: sweets2

Happy Birthday to Harry Potter and the wonderful creator J. K. Rowling.


Harry's Deal with the Dursleys by ailishmckechnie

Challenge: Harry, tired and frustrated with the chores, abuse and neglect from
the Dursley's, and Dumbledore's attempts to control his life and to make him
into the perfect weapon by isolating him, decides to makes a deal with the
Dursley's: He will move out, pay them a hefty fee to not mention anything to
anyone about him leaving and he'll never darken their doorway again. They
agree... The what, who, how and why's between events is up to you! (Possible
during Summer before sixth year)

Categories: Guardian, Mentor, Teacher Characters: !Snape and Harry (required)


New Stories

Into the Light by Lady Lanera

Voldemort is no more, so why isn't Snape happy about the fact that he's no
longer a slave to that monster? And more importantly, why is he trying so hard
to be thrown into Azkaban indefinitely when Harry and others are trying so hard
to keep him out?
Rating: 16+


Not My Own by JAWorley

After a horrific accident, Harry returns to the living world without any of his
memories. When memories do reappear, they are not his own. In response to the
"Wrong Memories" challenge by Dream Painter. Note: This will be a short 3-5
chapter story.
Rating: K -


Current Crisis at Hogwarts by Lady Lanera

During Harry's 5th year, the Ministry decides to interfere with Hogwarts, namely
the sweets and fatty foods served by the house elves. Will Hogwarts finally be
whipped into shape, or is the Ministry going to find a bit of a revolt on their
hands? In later chapters, it will be a guardian fic with Harry and Snape.
Rating: T


His Last Chapter by Potterworm

'The Elder Wand' Chapter Thirty-Two of the Deathly Hallows from Snape's
perspective. Snape's last interactions with Voldemort and Harry in the Shrieking
Rating: K+


New Chapters

Never Alone by Julz

Severus Snape is a complicated man, but when it comes to protecting Harry
Potter's life, there is nothing more simple than succeeding. When Severus finds
himself caring for the boy after an attack, how will their relationship change?
Snape-Harry mentor fic.
Rating: 16+


A Not so Peaceful Night by Caesara

Harry has only been at Hogwarts for 3 days and he may already be in trouble.
When Snape finds him on his hands and knees, feeling around on the hallway floor
at midnight, he knows that his chance of having a peaceful night are over.
Rating: K


The Definition of Family by oliversnape

Sequel to the Definition of Home. Now back at Hogwarts, Harry balances school
and his home life as he prepares to face Voldemort and learns to trust Snape's
guidance. Along the way they both learn that family also means support.
Rating: 16+


Potions and Stars by Lady Lanera

Continuing a few weeks after the events in "Sneaking Around," Snape receives
custody of Harry Potter as Dumbledore cannot convince the other Wizarding
officials that Sirius is innocent. However, Snape receives some very startling
news from Sinistra in the first chapter. How is this going to affect Snape and
Harry's relationship now? (Songfic)
Rating: 16+


A Web of Truths by AtaGal8907

Albus Dumbledore is dead. Harry and the rest of the wizarding world are
grieving. Harry wants revenge for his death. But when a web of lies is revealed
a web of truths is created.
Rating: 16+


Mending Bridges by LaileeJane

Snape rescues Harry from his neglecting relatives, but now what does he do with
the boy-who-lives-to-annoy-him?
Rating: K+


Summer School by Lady Lanera

In response to Jan_AQ's challenge "Summer School," Harry learns that he is going
to be spending his summer in school because he did absolutely appalling on his
finals during fourth-year. He's not happy about it, though, because it was
supposed to be his first summer of not having to live with the Dursleys.
However, at Hogwarts, they have a different approach to summer school than
Muggles do. Summer school teachers cannot teach their own subject. What, oh,
what will Snape teach, if not Potions?
Rating: 16+


Outcast's Alley by RhiannanT

When Harry goes through some...changes...the summer before his Fifth year, his
relatives don't react well. Suddenly Harry finds himself homeless and alone, and
learning to cope with yet another whole new world he'd never known existed.
Rating: T


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