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Weekend Update May 22, 2010

Weekend Update for May 22, 2010
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Oops My Mistake by Howldaloom
Summary: Harry accidentally on purpose misses the train home after the tournament in 4th year. Snape fetches him from the station and bring him back to Hogwarts. Snape wonders why Harry is not upset for missing the train home to his relatives. You can come up with how long Harry stays at Hogwarts, if he ever leaves. How does Snape (if he finds out) react to Harry's hints of his home life? Does Snape Legilimentize Harry?
Categories: Guardian, Mentor Characters: Vernon


New Stories

by ObsidianEmbrace
Author's Summary: As Harry attempts to master one of the darkest curses, he discovers that an old enemy holds the key to something he wants even more than Voldemort's destruction. Sequel to Crucio, and the second story in the Unforgivables trilogy.
Rating: 16+


Riddle in Mind
by watercrystals
Author's Summary: Three days before Harry's 11th birthday, a mysterious piece of magic is performed and he meets a boy his age. A boy named Tom Riddle. He is very real, although Harry is the only one who can see and hear him. And when they attend Hogwarts, no one can comprehend the outcome of this friendship.
Two orphans deprived of a loving family, both raised in the muggle world even though they are half-bloods, both sorted into Slytherin and can speak the language of snakes...but is their future the same? Severus Snape will do everything to prevent this, but is it already too late?
Rating: K+


Just A Boy
by LeeRoy
Author's Summary: After seeing Harry and Draco spar in mid-air, Snape comes to conclusion that someone needs to see the Boy-Who-Lived as just a boy...and treat him accordingly.
Rating: K


All the Difference
by shadowienne
Author's Summary: What REALLY happened in the bathroom during that second round of Legilimency? When viewing Snape's memories in the Pensieve, Harry finds a surprising answer. One-shot.
Rating: K+


New Chapters

When the Boat Comes In
by Morgana
Author's Summary: Darkness swallowed Severus's childhood and is threatening to engulf Harry's. Will the man recognize himself in the boy before history repeats itself? [Generally short chapters due to (almost) daily updates]
Rating: T


Brothers of Bond
by watercrystals
Author's Summary: On the night of October 31st, when Voldemort showed up to kill Harry, he found that two of his Death Eaters were already there; traitors. That night left two boys orphaned and seeing no other option, Dumbledore placed both boys on the Dursley's doorstep. Draco and Harry grow up bonding as brothers for they're the only other person they've got to rely on. Come their year at Hogwarts, they're both sorted into Gryffindor. But Severus Snape watches them...will he be able to take them in when they need him; his godson and a boy that should have been his son?
Rating: K+


Remember, Remember
by Ivy-Green
Author's Summary: Angry with Snape, Harry goes down to talk to the professor only to witness Snape's downfall when someone else comes to speak to the former Death Eater.
Rating: 16+


Cherokee Camp
by grugster
Author's Summary: After two weeks of torture by Death Eaters, Draco and Harry have to find a way to cope with all their memories. Severus, as their guardian, tries to help and spends some time with them at a therapy camp in the USA. Draco and Harry friendship
Rating: 16+


Rising from the Ashes
by Advocate
Author's Summary: Alternate Seventh Year. When Harry and Voldemort face-off, both know only one of them will walk away from their duel...(1st in the Phoenix Series)
Rating: T


When Little Means a Lot: The Journey to Become
by watercrystals
Author's Summary: A little can mean a lot...but how much and to what actual worth? To understand how Snape and Harry got to the point of such loving and content points of their lives, we must first go back to those early days seven years ago when Severus was faced with a 15month old baby (who was the last remaining piece of the woman he'd loved), during struggling times and without the aide he so bluntly refused. An internally wounded and fatherly inexperienced young adult faced with a dependent child that doesn't understand the rules of the world around him. With blood adoption and the memory of Lily tying them together, Severus and Harry begin a journey with little, apart from each other and that eventually morphs into a lot of love, understanding and a to road happiness. It took seven years for Dumbledore to check on Harry where he was unprepared for what he found, however...let's take a closer look at those years from the first moment Severus realized that perhaps he had made a terrible mistake in agreeing to blood-adopt Harry.
Rating: K+


Return to Prince Manor
by Snapegirl
Author's Summary: A new year means new perils and friendships for Harry, as he faces the Triwizard Tournament, a vengeful Dark Lord's return, and must try and master the secrets of Prince Manor. Can his family and friends help him succeed? Sequel to Heir to Prince Manor!
Rating: T


Potions and Stars
by Lady Lanera
Author's Summary: Continuing a few weeks after the events in "Sneaking Around," Snape receives custody of Harry Potter as Dumbledore cannot convince the other Wizarding officials that Sirius is innocent. However, Snape receives some very startling news from Sinistra in the first chapter. How is this going to affect Snape and Harry's relationship now?
Rating: 16+


Summer School
by Lady Lanera
Author's Summary: In response to Jan_AQ's challenge "Summer School," Harry learns that he is going to be spending his summer in school because he did absolutely appalling on his finals during fourth-year. He's not happy about it, though, because it was supposed to be his first summer of not having to live with the Dursleys. However, at Hogwarts, they have a different approach to summer school than Muggles do. Summer school teachers cannot teach their own subject. What, oh, what will Snape teach, if not Potions?
Rating: T


Finding Home
by silverstargirl
Author's Summary: Harry, having learned of his uncle's plans to step up the abuse against him, decides to run away. At the same time, Severus Snape, having been dispatched to ensure he is safe, discovers that Harry is abused and decides to kidnap him.
Rating: T


by writeurlife
Author's Summary: After the war, Harry Potter is given the option of being reincarnated. He takes it, asking Snape to be his new father. This is the story of Evan Snape.

Not Deathly Hollows Compliant. Songfic.
Rating: T


The Definition of Home
by oliversnape
Author's Summary: Harry runs into Snape while trying to find the definition of home, and finds himself drawn into Snape's summer Order task by the headmaster, looking for a location outside of London. Along the way, he and Snape learn a few new definitions themselves.
Rating: T


A Serpent in Lion's Clothing: Resorted
by Lady Lanera
Author's Summary: After the events of the famous dueling club scene, Harry has been resorted into Slytherin. Will he finally find the home he's been looking for? And will Snape find something he's been missing all his life? (Snape/Sinistra)
Rating: 16+


by Jan_AQ
Author's Summary: With a strange potion, new location and the odd Muggle Studies Professor along for the ride, Harry's in for an interesting summer, but why is Snape here? Dumbledore had better pray he gets all three back in one piece! Humor, Angst, No MarySues, No Romance, No Slash.
Rating: K+


Mistress of Slytherin
by Lady Lanera
Author's Summary: The Golden Trio tries to prove that Snape really is a vampire one day. However, they learn a secret about Snape that sends Harry and Snape's dislike for each other into a talespin through a series of events.
Rating: T


United Under One Banner
by Lady Lanera
Author's Summary: Written as a response to Lia's "United to Arrange Snape's Soulmate." The Golden Trio with help from the Weasley Twins and others decide that in order to solve their Snape problem, they need to find Snape a witch.
*Told from various characters' pov
Rating: 16+


The Boy Who..?
by Dream Painter
Author's Summary: By third year, Harry was starting to think he knew his own identity. Then, the discovery of an old secret threatens to throw his world into turmoil, yet again. Nor is he the only one who finds his life affected...

Who is he, anyway?
Rating: T


Playing Pretend
by watercrystals
Author's Summary: During their third year, Harry and Draco take their rivalry too far while in the Room of Requirement. As a result, a magical accident transports them to another dimension in which they had grown up from toddlers and their caring father is...Severus Snape.
Desperate to get back to their own world, the boys try to get along and play the part, but to Snape nothing has changed. And what happens when they return to their rightful time and place?
Their illusionary adventure will have them realize the man that is capable of being family and cause them to form the friendship they hadn't thought possible to obtain.
Playing pretend is the one that starts it all: part 1 of 4 in the "Shifted Reality" series that will eventually have two boys and one man learning to be family.
Rating: K


Lunar Madness
by Baghi
Author's Summary: Harry barely survives a difficult summer sane. Will his sanity last when his life is turned upside down in a school year filled with twists and turns? Answer to Tia Evan's Werewolf Challenge
Rating: 16+


Moon Fire
by Snapegirl
Author's Summary: There is more to Snape than meets the eye. Much more. As Harry discovers by chance one moonlit night. How will this discovery change his outlook about his professor? AU, no slash, Mentor!Snape, Angsty!Harry
Rating: T


A Full House: Three Lions and A Pair of Snakes
by LeeRoy
Author's Summary: It all begins when a wounded Potions Master seeks refuge at Number Four Privet Drive...
Rating: T


The Apothecary Knows Best
by Snapegirl, RaeKelly
Author's Summary: Sev, Lily, and Harry are trying to live as a happy family, running an apothecary in Diagon Alley, after Lily divorced James years before. But James keeps trying to sabotage their relationship out of petty jealousy and tries to get custody of Harry by badmouthing Severus and attempting to ruin his reputation, using all his money and connections to do so. Entrant in the 2009 Prompt Fest. Prompts: Scourgify! and Needle in a Haystack
Rating: T


Severus' Rose
by writtenword1
Author's Summary: Severus discovers that he is the father of the Girl-Who-Lived. How will Severus acclimate to fatherhood? How would the story be different if the hero was a girl?
Rating: T


by Winger-Hawk
Author's Summary: Snape wakes up from a coma to a new world in which Voldemort is dead and gone, defeated by Harry Potter. Deciding he has nothing more to live for, he tries to end his life, but things don't quite work out the way he planned. Harry gets pulled in by Dumbledore to assist with Snape's...little dilemma.
Rating: K+


by bookslug
Author's Summary: Severus, ignoring Dumbledore's orders, rescues Harry from the Dursleys. Tensions between the three heighten - but when they get kidnapped priorities change. Will they get past their differences and survive?
Rating: 16+


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