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Weekend update May 15, 2010

Weekend Update May 15,2010
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Weekly Challenge
Father for real... by rosworms

Summary: A biological father or adoption fic that includes this (almost) quote from the tv show 'Shark'.

"Everytime I try to get involved in your life, you push me away. When you have problems, you go to ______. When you get in trouble, you call ______. You only want a father when it's convenient for you. Well, I got new for you. It doesn't work that way. So when you want a father for real... you let me know."
Categories: Father Characters: !Snape and Harry (required)


New Stories
United Under One Banner
by Lady Lanera
Author's Summary: Written as a response to Lia's "United to Arrange Snape's Soulmate." The Golden Trio with help from the Weasley Twins and others decide that in order to solve their Snape problem, they need to find Snape a witch.
*Told from various characters' pov
Rating: 16+


Amongst the Hidden
by shadowienne
Author's Summary: While retrieving the Prince's Potions book, Harry finds something unexpected in the Room of Requirement. Harry-Centric one-shot.
Rating: K+


Adventures After Babysitting
by hpfanficfan
Author's Summary: Snape spent a month looking after baby Harry. But now, Harry is back to his 15 year old self. Will life ever be the same again? Sequel to Adventures in Babysitting.
Rating: K+


New Chapters

Potions and Stars
by Lady Lanera
Author's Summary: Continuing a few weeks after the events in "Sneaking Around," Snape receives custody of Harry Potter as Dumbledore cannot convince the other Wizarding officials that Sirius is innocent. However, Snape receives some very startling news from Sinistra in the first chapter. How is this going to affect Snape and Harry's relationship now?
Rating: 16+


Remembering Me: Into the Serpent's Lair
by Truckles
Author's Summary: Sequel to 'Remembering Me'. A Harry and Snape guardianship story - Non-Slash. Harry and Snape return to Hogwarts for Harry's 2nd year. Can their new bond survive the real world as well as the dark forces closing in?
Rating: K+


The Last Gift
by Keina
Author's Summary: Harry receives a very special gift on his 16th birthday that leads him to the help he needs...Snape is finding respite from his growing pressures and discovers one in need of help. Despite himself, he finds he CAN grow close to another living being. Only..."everything would've been so much simpler if it'd actually been a cat"...
Rating: 16+


The Apothecary Knows Best
by Snapegirl, RaeKelly
Author's Summary: Sev, Lily, and Harry are trying to live as a happy family, running an apothecary in Diagon Alley, after Lily divorced James years before. But James keeps trying to sabotage their relationship out of petty jealousy and tries to get custody of Harry by badmouthing Severus and attempting to ruin his reputation, using all his money and connections to do so. Entrant in the 2009 Prompt Fest. Prompts: Scourgify! and Needle in a Haystack
Rating: T


What's Owed
by ruth7019
Author's Summary: Catastrophic events culminate in an unexpected kinship between some of Hogwarts' most tenacious foes, while inciting bitter battles between best friends.
Rating: T


Cherokee Camp
by grugster
Author's Summary: After two weeks of torture by Death Eaters, Draco and Harry have to find a way to cope with all their memories. Severus, as their guardian, tries to help and spends some time with them at a therapy camp in the USA. Draco and Harry friendship
Rating: 16+


The Boy Who..?
by Dream Painter
Author's Summary: By third year, Harry was starting to think he knew his own identity. Then, the discovery of an old secret threatens to throw his world into turmoil, yet again. Nor is he the only one who finds his life affected...

Who is he, anyway?
Rating: T


3 Slytherin Marauders
by severusphoenix
Author's Summary: Dudley and Harry flee Vernon - to Severus. A different Tom Riddle, Petunia is good. Lucius and Draco are helpful. Albus is a bit misguided. The twins are only a year older than Harry, so I can make them non-Gryffindor.
Rating: T


A Time and Place to Learn
by pdantzler
Author's Summary: Sequel to A Time and Place to Grow - After spending a summer with Snape, Harry begins his sixth year at Hogwarts. But Snape is keeping an eye and a firm hand on him, and a new teacher, split loyalties and a looming fight with the Dark Lord await Harry.
Rating: T


You Can't Always Get What You Want
by tambrathegreat
Author's Summary: Albus Dumbledore regrets the ends Harry and Severus met. Eleven years after the war, he decides to do something about it. Harry and Severus' lives will not be the same, but as with all time-tinkering, no one else's will be either.

Parts of this story will be very dark (though not graphically so) and angsty.
Rating: 16+


I Do Not Want This
by KimSpiritTalks, TabbyBri
Author's Summary: Harry is treated for a car accident when something goes wrong, something that leads to a discovery neither he, nor Professor Severus Snape want. Now they have to live in the same castle, knowing what they know. Each of them has friends who think they should give their relationship a chance. Friends should really mind their own business.
Rating: 16+


A Serpent in Lion's Clothing: Resorted
by Lady Lanera
Author's Summary: After the events of the famous dueling club scene, Harry has been resorted into Slytherin. Will he finally find the home he's been looking for?
Rating: 16+


Mistress of Slytherin
by Lady Lanera
Author's Summary: The Golden Trio tries to prove that Snape really is a vampire one day. However, they learn a secret about Snape that sends Harry and Snape's dislike for each other into a talespin through a series of events.
Rating: T


Summer School
by Lady Lanera
Author's Summary: In response to Jan_AQ's challenge "Summer School," Harry learns that he is going to be spending his summer in school because he did absolutely appalling on his finals during fourth-year. He's not happy about it, though, because it was supposed to be his first summer of not having to live with the Dursleys. However, at Hogwarts, they have a different approach to summer school than Muggles do. Summer school teachers cannot teach their own subject. What, oh, what will Snape teach, if not Potions?
Rating: T


The Final Breeze 2
by grugster
Author's Summary: That's the sequel to "The Final Breeze". Harry and Severus aren't coping well with their life after Voldemorts defeat. Then a potion accident turns their life upwards down because Harry is turned twelve and Severus thirteen.
Rating: K+


The Definition of Home
by oliversnape
Author's Summary: Harry runs into Snape while trying to find the definition of home, and finds himself drawn into Snape's summer Order task by the headmaster, looking for a location outside of London. Along the way, he and Snape learn a few new definitions themselves.
Rating: T


Return to Prince Manor
by Snapegirl
Author's Summary: A new year means new perils and friendships for Harry, as he faces the Triwizard Tournament, a vengeful Dark Lord's return, and must try and master the secrets of Prince Manor. Can his family and friends help him succeed? Sequel to Heir to Prince Manor!
Rating: T


When the Boat Comes In
by Morgana
Author's Summary: Darkness swallowed Severus's childhood and is threatening to engulf Harry's. Will the man recognize himself in the boy before history repeats itself? [Generally short chapters due to (almost) daily updates]
Rating: T


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