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Weekend Update for March 6,2010

Weekend Update for 6 March 2010

Put together by Kyle


Random Challenge


Bad Luck Curse by Jan_AQ

Summary: Staying with the Dursleys not only gave Harry protection from the Dark Lord and evil Death Eaters, it also protected him from a Bad Luck Curse. When Harry isn’t able to renew the protection at his aunt’s one year, everything starts to fall apart. Little things and bad things start going wrong, and Harry is at a loss of how to cope. Simple things as walking down the stairs can now be life-threatening. How can Harry and his protectors deal with a string of bad luck as strong as a curse? This is sure to test Snape’s resolve, and vow, to safeguard Harry Potter.

The Bad Luck Curse may be a genetic inheritance, or something that Harry got on his own. In any case, Snape must be there to help him.



New Stories


Severus’ Rose by writtenword1

Summary: Severus discovers that he is the father of the Girl-who-Lived. How will Severus acclimate to fatherhood? How would the story be different if the hero was a girl?

Rating: T


Habitat for Hagitude by Tambra the Great

Summary: There came a time in every Hogwarts student’s experience when they were required to serve the community in some capacity. After the war, Harry’s time has come and he has to do the service with Snape breathing down his neck.

Rating: K+



New Chapters


Two Hawks Hunting by Snapegirl

Summary: Sequel to Broken Wings! Harry and Severus quest for the remaining Horcruxes. Can they fulfill the prophesy of Two Hawks Hunting and destroy Voldemort forever? AU, pre-HBP, HBP/DH non-compliant! No slash, mentor/guardian fic!

Rating: T


3 Slytherin Marauders by severusphoenix

Summary: Dudley and Harry flee Vernon – to Severus. A different Tom Riddle, Petunia is good. Lucius and Draco are helpful. Albus is a bit misguided. The twins are only a year older than Harry, so I can make them non-Gryffindor.

Rating: T


A Full House: Three Lions and a Pair of Snakes by LeeRoy

Summary: It all begins when a wounded Potions Master seeks refuge at Number Four, Privet Drive…

Rating: T


Playing Pretend by Watercrystals

Summary: During their third year, Harry and Draco take their rivalry too far while in the Room of Requirement. As a result, a magical accident transports them to another dimension in which they had grown up from toddlers and their caring father is… Severus Snape.

Desperate to get back to their own world, the boys try to get along and play the part, but to Snape, nothing has changed. And what happened when they return to their rightful time and place?

Their illusionary adventure will have them realize the man that is capable of being family and cause them to form the friendship they hadn’t thought possible to obtain.

Playing pretend is the one that starts it all. Part 1 of 4 in the Shifted Reality series that will eventually have two boys and one man learning to be family.

Rating: K


What’s Owed by ruth7019

Summary: Catastrophic events culminate in an unexpected kinship between some of Hogwarts’ most tenacious foes, while inciting bitter battles between best friends.

Rating: T


Moon Fire by Snapegirl

Summary: There is more to Snape than meets the eye. Much more, as Harry discovers by chance one moonlit night. How will this discovery change his outlook about his professor? AU, no slash, Mentor! Snape, Angsty! Harry.

Rating: T


Of Scarlet and Emerald by autumnamberleaves

Summary: A pair of shoes, a set of mittens. How are two seemingly mundane items going to change the lives of both a snarky man and a troubled child?

Rating: T


Cherokee Camp by grugster

Summary: After two weeks of torture by Death Eaters, Draco and Harry have to find a way to cope with all their memories. Severus, as their guardian, tries to help and spends some time with them at a therapy camp in the USA. Draco and Harry friendship.

Rating: 16+


Always a Snape by Watercrystals

Summary: Harry is a boy with ambition, a curiosity that often leads to experimentation and he also has a certain anti-social behaviour about himself. Traits in which he has inherited from his father, who is also a half-blood wizard just alike himself. But the ten-year-old is also an outsider within his own home because his family is unable to overlook how it is his father’s blood that makes him so different from them.

Harry knows his half-brother Dudley is the eldest and therefore more spoiled, although it’s also because Harry doesn’t want to end up as the lump he did. Vernon favours Dudley more, naturally, while their mother treats them the same.

Harry discovered the truth when he was eight, but somehow he’d always suspected. Now he is looking forward to finally meeting his real father, Severus Snape. He wants to find out just how much they have in common. And who knows? Maybe it will even change things. But no matter what happens… Harry will always be Snape’s son.

Rating: K+


Harry and His New Family by grugster

Summary: Harry is getting abused by his relatives. When Snape and his wife find out about it, they adopt him. So now he has two little twin brothers and a caring family to cope with.

Rating: K+


You Can’t Always Get What You Want by Tambra the Great

Summary: Albus Dumbledore regrets the ends Harry and Severus met. Eleven years after the war, he decides to do something about it. Harry and Severus’ lives will not be the same, but as with all time-tinkering, no one else’s will be either.

Parts of this story will be very dark (though not graphically so) and angsty.

Rating: 16+


Outcast’s Alley by RhiannanT

Summary: When Harry goes through some… changes… the summer before his 5th year, his relatives don’t react well. Suddenly, Harry finds himself homeless and alone, and learning to cope with yeat another whole world he’s never known existed.

Rating: T


The Apothecary Knows Best by Snapegirl and RaeKelly

Summary: Sev, Lily, and Harry are trying to live as a happy family, running an apothecary in Diagon Alley, after Lily divorced James years before. But James keeps trying to sabotage their relationship out of petty jealousy and tries to get custody of Harry by badmouthing Severus and attempting to ruin his reputation, using all his money and connections to do so. Entrant in the 2009 Prompt Fest (Prompts: Scourgify! and Needle in a Haystack).

Rating: T


Hopes and Fears by irishchic799

Summary: Harry Potter has been keeping a secret from the world since he was 7 years old. When the last person he wants finds out, will all be as he hoped, or as he dreaded?

Rating: T


Letting Go by JAWorley

Summary: Harry comes back for his seventh and final year at Hogwarts a changed teenager… moody, disrespectful, and on edge. His friends don’t know what to do for him or what has happened to change him so much. Finally one man decides that enough is enough and somebody has to put their foot down to get Harry back under control… if not for Harry’s own well being, then for the sanity of one irritated Potions Master. Will Severus Snape be able to figure out what’s gotten under Harry’s skin, or will Harry push Snape over the edge before he gets that far?

Rating: 16+


A Serpent in Lion’s Clothing by Lady Lanera

Summary: Written for Lily Elizabeth Snape’s challenge Serpensortia, in which Snape’s inner thoughts about the famous Dueling Club Match are revealed.

Rating: T


What Might Have Been by Leggylover03

Summary: What might have been had Harry not gone to the Dursleys all those years ago, but instead had been raised as a wizard?

Rating: K+


The Runner by Baghi

Summary: Harry is a runner of drugs, but becomes addicted to alcohol along the way. Severus finds out, and tries to help him.

Rating: 16+


The Dark, the Light, and the Grey by N_Forest

Summary: Bellatrix finds out that she cannot have children and rescues Harry Potter from his relatives. She asks Snape to help her hide herself and her son from the Aurors searching for her. Harry grows up with a Death Eater family.

Rating: T


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